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A powerful API for event registration.
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Event ticketing in your apps.

The Picatic API gives you the tools you need to sell tickets online, directly from your app or website.

Events in your apps
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Post events, get events.

Create new events quickly with the Picatic API. List your events on your own website and create links to purchase tickets online.

Get Post
curl \ -H "Authorization: Bearer sk_live_903a4549b4e92be28b2d46c56e915861" \ -X GET
curl \ -d '{"data":{"type":"event","attributes":{"title":"event name","type":"regular", "status":"draft","poster_type":"none","slug":"api-created-this-event","user_id":5533}}}' \ -H "Authorization: Bearer sk_live_903a4549b4e92be28b2d46c56e915861" \ -X POST
Phase 3


Retrieve and store data from events. Automatically add registrants to a CRM, receive notifications in Slack when tickets are sold and more.


Build ticket checkout in app.

Let guests buy tickets directly from your website or app. Checkout works within your site so you can sell tickets from anywhere.

Build ticket checkout in app
Phase 3

Custom data & reporting.

Get real-time access to reporting data and create personalized reports. View attendee, order and survey information.

Custom reporting
Phase 3

Event aggregation.

Pull event data into your website or app and show all events in a common category or location.

Picatic API Timeline.

The Picatic API v2 will be released in 3 phases.

Phase 3

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