Developer Blog

A look into the world of Picatic.

API Roadmap

Picatic has come a long way in three years. Building a platform focused around great experience and event success is no small feat. We have had our highs and lows. We have also learned that people are just as passionate about our platform as we are.

Our technical stack started as a simple PHP application. It later grew into a collection of over 8 services that have specialized roles in our platform. One service we have been using in our product is our API. Our current code to edit and display events is driven by this API. Our goal was to make an API we would want to use and open it up to developers.

While “eating our own dog food” we discovered we did not enjoy using the API we had crafted. V1 was functional, but failed to simplify what we wanted to expose.

So, we have started on our V2 API which we plan to release in stages over the next six months. As we complete each round, we will be updating our blog and documentation. We aim to provide practical examples of how you would use the new functionality and in the end, the API we expose to everyone will be the same API we consume to run the majority of our site.

API Roadmap

So, our team has identified three primary stages to roll out our V2 API.

  1. Reach end-point parity our V1 API. This includes our existing event editing and reporting end-points.
  2. Enhancing and adding management end-points. This includes exposing more data retrieval and editing capabilities on orders, tickets, surveys. We will be opening up some of our metrics end-points to enhance our dashboards. We are also adding webhooks. Which will open us up to providing a Zapier integration down the line.
  3. Checkout end-points are the last, but biggest piece of this change for us. We are going to open ourselves up to on-page payment processing. Our goal is to provide developers a way to pick and choose which parts of Picatic they use for checkout.

We have many more product features planned in the next six months that build on our new V2 API. Stay tuned for those updates!