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  • πŸš€ - New Feature
  • ☝️ - Improvement
  • πŸ› - Bug Fix

1.1.276 - 06/29/2017

πŸ› [Promote] Fixed an issue with the Ticket Embed not working from iOS browsers

1.1.273 - 06/29/2017

πŸ› [Manage] Searching Entrance list by Company Name now returns results

1.1.272 - 06/13/2017

πŸ› [Manage] Searching Entrance list by Company Name now returns results

1.1.267 - 05/26/2017

☝️ [Manage] Add option to refund single ticket in actions menu on Order Details page

πŸ› [Profile] Improvements to avatar sizing in user account and team pages

1.1.260 - 05/11/2017

☝️ [Create] Company field on ticket purchases can now be set to be optional, required, or removed

πŸ› [Create] Logo on a Team Event now links to team profile, not promoter profile

πŸ› [Payment] Fix invoice negative number formatting issue for white label events.

1.1.253 - 04/26/2017

πŸš€ [Manage] Edit Survey Answers - Event promoters can now edit survey answers associated with each ticket Learn more

☝️ [Payment] Added email address on Stripe charges

1.1.251 - 04/26/2017

πŸš€ [Manage] Pass the Fee - Allow promoters to break out the Picatic fee as a line item and pass it on to the purchaser Learn more

1.1.247 - 04/20/2017

πŸ› [Promote] Fixed issue where height value was not being set in the Ticket Embed code

1.1.241 - 04/10/2017

πŸ› [Manage] Show purchaser address if it exists in the order detail view

1.1.233 - 03/31/2017

πŸ› [Manage] Fixed issue where the incorrect currency was showing up on the Orders Report

1.1.229 - 03/31/2017

πŸš€ [Manage] Partial Refunds Learn more

1.1.228 - 03/31/2017

☝️ [Promote] Update default social share text to be more engaging

☝️ [Promote] Open graph tag updates so all of your event sharing information gets better formatting through social channels

1.1.222 - 03/02/2017

πŸš€ [Payment] Picatic Anywhere Learn more

1.1.219 - 03/02/2017

☝️ [Payment] Add event_id on stripe metadata

1.1.216 - 03/02/2017

πŸš€ [Manage] Refund full orders Learn more

πŸ› [Integrations] Fixed issue where it was not possible to add Google Analytics UA code for an event

1.1.214 - 02/17/2017

☝️ [Create] Remove prompt when trying to leave event editor if no changes have been made to the event

☝️ [Create] Show last saved timestamp in event editor

1.1.212 - 02/10/2017

☝️ [Integrations] Add Dimensions and our Revenue as Shipping on Google Analytics Ecommerce

1.1.211 - 02/08/2017

πŸ› [Checkout] Fixed an issue where selecting the promo code box in Picatic Checkout on mobile scrolls purchaser to the bottom of the screen

πŸ› [Checkout] Prevent keyboard activation from moving Picatic Checkout out of sight

1.1.209 - 02/07/2017

☝️ [Integrations] Added Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking support

1.1.206 - 01/31/2017

πŸ› [Checkout] Fix issue with checkout widget not working in Internet Explorer

πŸ› [Create] Image upload was showing up behind the event description editor when in fullscreen mode

1.1.204 - 01/30/2017

☝️ [Create] Only show event regions for events in Canada, USA, and Australia

1.1.202 - 01/27/2017

πŸ› [Create] Buy button was missing after applying promo codes

1.1.199 - 01/26/2017

πŸ› [Checkout] Fix widget parent page scrolling on subsequent opens

1.1.196 - 01/26/2017

☝️ [Create] Remove β€œBuy Now” button on event page when there are no available tickets

☝️ [Create] Upload images in Event Creator description

1.1.195 - 01/24/2017

☝️ [Manage] Performance improvements for Sales Summary page

1.1.193 - 01/13/2017

πŸ› [Checkout] Fix fatal error during checkout confirmation

1.1.190 - 01/12/2017

☝️ [Checkout] Improved styling and functionality of transactional emails

1.1.189 - 01/11/2017

πŸš€ [Payment] Added support for Danish Krone. Learn more

1.1.188 - 01/11/2017

☝️ [Create] Add timezone of the event to the event page and confirmation page

πŸ› [Create] Hide Buy Now Button on Mobile for Hidden Tickets

πŸ› [Checkout] On mobile, scroll the close button with the header

1.1.186 - 01/05/2017

πŸ› [Checkout] Remove timer on confirm step

1.1.185 - 01/05/2017

πŸ› [Checkout] Allow inertia scrolling for mobile widget

1.1.184 - 01/05/2017

πŸ› [Manage] Event manage order summary now includes tax in the subtotal and total

πŸ› [Checkout] My tickets order summary now includes tax in the total

πŸ› [Checkout] Prevent scrolling on body element when widget is open

1.1.182 - 12/26/2016

πŸ› [Checkout] Fix required survey questions not showing up as required

πŸ› [Checkout] Some elements in the map no longer show up white when zoomed in

πŸ› [Checkout] Invalid date on order confirmation

1.1.181 - 12/21/2016

☝️ [Checkout] Back button for claim tickets and payment screens on Picatic Checkout

☝️ [Checkout] Name now passed with payment info to Stripe

1.1.179 - 12/21/2016

☝️ [Checkout] Improved error messages for Checkout

πŸ› [Promote] Entering a promo code no longer resets cart to β€˜0’

1.1.178 - 12/20/2016

☝️ [Checkout] Allow multiple Picatic Checkout events per page

πŸ› [Checkout] Checkout no longer causes an overlap issues on mobile

1.1.176 - 12/15/2016

πŸš€ [Checkout] Picatic Checkout Beta – Let attendees buy tickets directly within your website, mobile-app, or blog. Learn more

1.1.174 - 11/28/2016

πŸ› [Profile] Adjusted white label profile pages to give more whitespace after events so that it doesn’t appear to be cut off prematurely when there are no pagination buttons

1.1.173 - 11/24/2016

πŸ› [Create] Event titles with special characters are now properly escaped

πŸ› [Profile] User orders page now properly links to event instead of promoter profile

1.1.172 - 11/17/2016

☝️ [Integrations] Update Mailchimp integrations to use Mailchimp v3 API

☝️ [Integrations] Add all ticket holders to MailChimp list, not just the purchaser

☝️ [Checkout] Event Reminder email now sent to all ticket holders of an event, not just purchasers

πŸ› [Widget] Adjust widget styling for narrow viewports so that donation and promo code columns don’t run together

1.1.171 - 11/10/2016

☝️ [Payment] Updated pro fees for supported currencies. See fees

1.1.170 - 11/08/2016

☝️ [Payment] Picatic Payments removal

πŸ› [Create] Custom Fee IDs without a fixed component no longer break budget calculator

πŸ› [Create] Selected surveys in association modal now show up on modal load

1.1.168 - 10/21/2016

☝️ [Create] Image cropping on upload (Updated Filepicker to Filestack since we were hitting limits in Filepicker BONUS: Image cropping)

☝️ [Create] Add Google Drive and URL options for image uploads

☝️ [Zapier] Added all event fields on New Event Live trigger, and updated help text on Team Filters

1.1.167 - 10/13/2016

☝️ [Payment] Picatic Payments is no longer a payment option.

1.1.164 - 10/11/2016

πŸš€ [Accounts] Teams - Create a Team and invite multiple members to collaborate on your events. Learn more

☝️ [Widget] Improved user account interface

1.1.163 - 10/06/2016

πŸ› [Widget] Fixed issue of encoded ampersands in the widget url not being properly interpreted as parameters. Fixes issue of widget not displaying properly if using the url in a custom iframe with encoded ampersands (ex: & instead of &)

1.1.161 - 09/29/2016

πŸ› [Manage] Refunded comp tickets were still showing up under β€˜Existing Comp Tickets’ so we made it more obvious that those tickets had been cancelled

πŸ› [Create] Event tax rate now allows decimals

1.1.159 - 09/22/2016

πŸ› [Create] Chat button no longer covering the save button

πŸ› [Manage] Fix Entrance List CSV issue with # in a question

1.1.154 - 09/08/2016

πŸš€ [Integrations] Zapier - Connect Picatic with 500+ apps including Salesforce, Slack and MailChimp. Learn more

1.1.151 - 08/25/2016

☝️ [Create] Added new dropdown survey question type - select

1.1.148 - 08/18/2016

☝️ [Create] Changed β€œtickets claimed” to β€œtickets remaining”

πŸ› [Widget] Fixed the dark style widget ticket description font color display issue

1.1.147 - 08/12/2016

πŸ› [Create] Fixed character set issues

1.1.146 - 08/11/2016

☝️ [API] Pro users can now create API keys on the API page in their user account.

1.1.137 - 07/12/2016

πŸ› [Promote] Fixed issues with promo code prices being considered invalid

1.1.136 - 07/07/2016

πŸš€ [Create] Public Guest List Learn more

☝️ [Create] Tell Facebook to re-scrape event data when the event goes live

☝️ [Create] Location detection to set currency on event creation

☝️ [Create] Hide tickets claimed by default for new events

1.1.132 - 06/23/2016

πŸ› [Widget] Fix display issues regarding certain characters (Korean, for example)

1.1.129 - 06/17/2016

πŸ› [Integrations] Fixed issue with custom Google Analytics UA code not working on the confirmation page for some users

1.1.127 - 06/16/2016

πŸ› [Create] Ticket open and close dates now have times as well that respect the event’s time zone

1.1.124 - 06/08/2016

πŸš€ [Account] My Events page now show gross ticket sales and total tickets sold on each event

☝️ [Account] Performance improvements to the My Events page

1.1.122 - 06/01/2016

πŸ› [Create] When the URL of an event page is changed, the page is refreshed to that new url on save

1.1.119 - 05/18/2016

πŸš€ [Manage] Entrance list CSV now includes guest survey results

πŸš€ [Payment] When the URL of an event page is changed, the page is refreshed to that new url on save

☝️ [Create] Changed minimum ticket price from 5 to 3

1.1.118 - 05/11/2016

πŸ› [Widget] Ticket description now shows up when selected

1.1.117 - 05/05/2016

☝️ [Create] Check to see if the unique slug field is already in use after entering it

☝️ [Manage] Show comp tickets in sales report

πŸ› [Profile] Only show public events in event count

1.1.116 - 05/02/2016

πŸ› [Create] Fix ticket price wrapping issue on event page for currencies where spaces may exist in price

1.1.115 - 04/28/2016

☝️ [Create] Copy to clipboard event url in status bar for all events

☝️ [Create] Social share event url now has copy to clipboard functionality

πŸ› [Create] White label events now link to appropriate user profiles

πŸ› [Integrations] Fix Google Analytics Pro feature

1.1.114 - 04/22/2016

πŸ› [Create] Fix for CPU usage 100% issue in Safari when using the Event Creator

πŸ› [Checkout] Fixed issue with ghost surveys on checkout

πŸ› [Create] Fixed issue with private pages getting prompted for password when no password has been set

1.1.109 - 03/17/2016

πŸš€ [Payment] Added support for Swedish currency (SEK)